EP130 – How to retire early with a Roth 401K; How to get out of debt; Best cell plans

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45 y.o bachelor. Roth 401k through my employer, and a Roth IRA, and I’m fortunate to have a pension as well. With my 401 and my Roth IRA I’m at just over $300,000. I’m currently saving 9% before tax, and 6 after tax in my Roth 401k. As far as my stand alone Roth IRA I’m saving $ 200.00/month. With my pension I’m eligible to retire at 100% at 59. I had a preliminary plan of retiring at 60. However, I’m seeing too many financial experts saying that retiring at that age is a mistake. I’m so confused. Is retirement at 60 a crazy dream, is it even possible, or should I work till 65, 70. I feel like I’m doing the right thing…but this is so confusing.

What do you recommend for cell phone plans?.. I think cutting back on cell phone bill would be a great way to save money.

What you you guys recommend to do my ac unit is starting to give out its 17 years old just paid 1,200 to fix it I’m n bs2 should I finance a new one 12,000 or keep fixing my old unit when something brakes down?

I recently started to grind to get out of debt and actually have a savings (honestly I have never been in this kind of position….I’ve always just stayed afloat). The pandemic opened my eyes like everyone else so I’m kicking my butt and working the 2 jobs to get myself out and secure. I’m starting to lose energy and although still motivated, I feel myself slowing down. I would appreciate any kind of encouragement/advice on how you kept/are keeping the momentum during your grind.

Anybody know how to sell China and glassware? We are almost done with baby step 2.

How did you decide how much to save in your emergency fund within the 3-6 month parameters? I don’t have a volatile job, my goal is 6 months. I’m mostly curious how everyone came to the decision of how much was enough.

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