EP129 – The correct order of investing; How to pay for a new home air conditioner

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Our A/C is on its last leg. We don’t have enough money to cover a new one. We have gotten a couple of quotes. I don’t want to finance it but what are some options you would do.

My husband and I are looking to replace our vehicle in probably about 5-10years. We have 2 boys  so we will be living that youth sports life. Any suggestions on midsize vehicles that we can start saving for? We’re going to buy used of course.

Wife and I are in a bit of a pickle. Our car engine is gone(no oil change) and our emergency fund is not going to cover the full job. We aren’t sure what options we should look at. We don’t want to finance the repair nor finance a new car. Please help.

This is my retirement fund with a balance of $312,819. However, I’m still in about 30k debt. Any suggestions!

Tax question: hubby and I went from making just over $100k to $200k this last year. Now we owe an additional $7,000 in taxes. AND can’t use our rental as a right off. Does this sound right to you?

After you’ve maxed out the ROTH IRA what do people do with the remaining money they need to be saving for the 15 percent of their income? 

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