EP128 – How much do you need for retirement?; Do you need extended warranties on vehicles?

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I appreciate all of the budgeting advice your podcast has provided. I do have a question –  How do I determine how much I need for retirement?

Hi all! I’m still new and trying to learn. I am a 33 year old self employed nail tech. I am late in the game and would like to get started on the right foot. I started a Roth IRA and contributed my max $6K this year. I only have mortgage debt and see that I am supposed to be investing 15%. Without having a 401k, what are some other ways that I would be able to invest towards my retirement? Have I started too late?

Is it worth buying an extended warranty on a truck?

I hit 1/3 of the way to a millionaire in the stock market yesterday. I am almost 50 yrs old. No debt at the moment. Will I be okay?

Why don’t more companies offer Roth 401ks?

So I do Catering and I’ve been doing it for 18 years. I could care less because I’m financially well, but why is it most “seen” to be wealthy people don’t tip at gigs but it’s mostly blue collar people who do? 

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