EP127 – How to keep your Credit Score from going down; Is $1,000,000 enough for retirement?

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I’m trying to not ask a stupid question, but I’m afraid it might be! If you planned to retire around 2039ish, would you stick with these Target Date funds around that year or choose something with more risk?   I haven’t put a lot of thought into this before, but following this group has made me think I should maybe be doing something different?

Give me some advice Amanda and Craig. I’ve had my credit cards paid off for a while now. I logged in to check my credit report and it has significantly decreased because of lack of credit card use. Almost every credit card company lowered my spending limit by thousands and it dropped my credit score big time. Should I be worried about this? What can I do to not have this happen and not be in debt to credit card companies? What a twisted concept.

What car do you drive? Or did you drive on your EDM journey? I drive for main job (our own vehicle) and deliver at night. I think I’m putting over 1k miles a week on my car. Would you recommend hybrid or Prius, something along those lines or would the cost of hybrid parts from wear and tear not make it worth?

With the Dollar depreciating over time, what is your net worth goal at age 65 and are you on target? I mentioned recently that 1 million USD is a lame goal and depending in which area you live is not even that much. A lot of folks disagreed with me which is perfectly fine.

I am wanting to open a brokerage account. Which company should I go with and why?

I have a 403b in Lincoln Financial from my first job and a 401k in Vanguard from my current job. Switching companies. Best to move both to a Roth IRA? I’m thinking Vanguard from previous posts? Thanks for the input.

I have all bills paid off. I have a 1 yr emergency fund. I have paid off my mortgage. 3 years ago I was a financial mess. Credit score 540. Now I’m 735. I’m contributing 15 percent to my 401k but I will be upping that soon. My question is. I decided to buy something that I really wanted. It had hefty price tag 2500.00. As soon as I pulled the trigger I got very high anxiety like I had done something wrong. Did I?    So guilty!!!!

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