EP174 – Personal loans to pay off debt? Should couples have separate bank accounts? Side gigs that make money!

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Inflation is high, fuel prices are climbing once again and everyone is stressed. We will bring assurance that if you stick with the plan you will be fine. Answering your questions without bias or advertiser influence. Questions sent into us this week with a common theme around the rising cost of living, looming inflation, gas prices, housing markets, stock market and more. We have received so many positive comments about these episodes. If you have a question for us please email to

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So, the hubs and I have made an aggressive goal to go after our creditPlanning on getting married. Both our fourth marriage. Both have our own property and home and owe money.  Question I make more money then he does. Should  we do joint account and separate bank . Or all in one account?


Hey guys, I’m just curious of what some of the side jobs you’ve found to earn extra money to pay off debt.. I’m currently working full time and I door dash when I’m not working. Which brings in around $200-$300 a week. But cuts into my personal time in a big way. Hope all is well and thanks in advance!

I have a truck as well, but I can’t find a way to utilize it to earn extra money

Is taking a personal loan to pay off credit cards a good idea? I have about 20,000 in credit cards and I can barely save any money at the end of the month after making a payments on them.. Also i am thinking about buying a home within a year or two.

Getting ready to sell the house. What is the best way to go “by owner” or through a realtor?

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