EP126 – Protecting retirement during a divorce; How to generate monthly income from index funds; Stop buying to impress

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Craig I have a question, I’m going through a divorce, wife is taking 100k of my 750k. Should I put my investments in the stable market fund until after that occurs or just keep investing in Harbor Capital and Vanguard 500 within my company 401k? I am afraid of a stock market correction between now and then? I am age 41 with 20-25 years before retirement.

If you had $10-20K but you knew you knew you would not need it for 1 full year, what would you do with it/where would you store it?

I’m curious if anyone has any advice for a 19 year old that wants to eventually become an everyday millionaire? What do you wish you could’ve done at a young age that would’ve helped you? TIA!

If you are building your portfolio in rental properties should you place them in a corporation, LLC, or leave them as personal assets? 

Curious how much on average people keep in their checking account? My husband always wants to keep more but I feel like the more we have in there, the more tempted to spend it!

How much do you need invested in a fund, like VTSAX, to make $4K monthly income?

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