EP124 – What to do with your Stimulus Check; Friends who make huge financial mistakes; Use 401K to buy a house?

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My 19 year old daughter (works and goes to college) received her stimulus check. She wants to put the money some place it will start to MAKE some money. Advice on best steps for her to put this $1500 and contribute to it consistently moving forward.

What Should We Do when someone we Know is about to make a Huge Financial Mistake?

When it comes to Medical Bills, when you receive a Bill Due after Insurance has been applied,  Do you pay the amount due or do you try to negotiate it ?

Need advice please. I worked hard to get to baby step #6 – purchasing my 1st home last year. During covid, I took a financial hit and had to dip into my savings (undoing step 3).

My question is this: I have a year left to pay on my car. Which is the best option:
A) Refinance the car for smaller payments and use the extra money to rebuild step 3?
B) Pay off the car and re-visit step 3 at a later date?
C) Another option I may not be seeing.

Just heard that my work offers the Roth 457b. If I get a workplace Roth, am I still allowed to contribute the max to my Roth IRA since I meet the income requirements?

What do ya’ll think about taking $100,000 from my 401K and using it for a down payment on a new home provided I pay it back as soon as my house I own now sells ?

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