EP123 – Where to find real free money; How to stay motivated when paying off debt; Correct way to budget groceries

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I am not eligible for a Roth IRA due to income limit. Should I just go my full 15% into my company 401k which matches up to 6%? Or, should I put the maximum $6000 into a traditional 401k and the remaining of my 15% into my company 401k?

How do you guys stay motivated when Murphy is constantly kicking you in the teeth? Earlier this year, I got into an accident. Luckily insurance paid most of it but the $1000 deductible. Then our air ducts needed cleaning because of the previous owners. And now we have a burst water pipe that is leaking into our basement.

I’m debt free. Paid off 7000 of debt this month. I don’t feel any different. When is the good feeling supposed to kick in?

Curious, what is a good grocery budget for 2 people? Thanks in advance.

I keep getting notifications on having unclaimed money from 2015 from assistant job I had. I don’t dare open the links because I worry of scams, but my interest is heighten if there is in fact unclaimed money. Has anyone done and successfully located unclaimed money? 

Want to start a ROTH? Best one to go with and how much?

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