EP80 – How to reward yourself while paying off debt; Red flags with mortgage brokers; Side hustling while at your work desk

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Cameron – So my wife and I finally got our tax return. We’re in BS2, we finished paying off another credit card ($535) and my wife’s car ($1900). There is money left over but also more debt to pay off. Just wondering what everyone did to celebrate the small milestones? Is it acceptable to take $50 or so to go out and do something? I’m thinking renting kayaks for a few hours would be a great way to get out and enjoy. Before you slam me, I know kayaks don’t cost that much to rent lol

Nicole – I had a mortgage broker tell me to not worry about the price of the house, just the mortgage payments to make sure it’s in my range. Well that sounds like someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes?!?

Barbara – In the process of getting a mortgage for November – My husband and I are putting 20% down and if we stick to a plan (not aggressive at all, like we can still vacation and not trim the budget) we can pay our mortgage in full by the end of 2025. I know a 15 year mortgage is recommended but why not do a 30 year and have more money toward the principal? Is this only the recommendation if you plan on making minimum payments? Please help because I need to convince my husband.

Jennifer – I have free time during my regular work hours in the office. What kind of side hustle could I do at a desk? We would love to boost our baby step 3 contributions?

Brandon – I’ve finally saved 100k and could literally pay off everything including my house. Why is it so hard to spend money when you worked your butt off to save??

Jon – I currently have 35k in stocks and about 15k in my military retirement plan. I have 2 car payments and owe about 50k in car loans. Should I focus more on paying off car loans or keep focusing on investing. I currently invest 22% of my pay at 965 dollars a month. Should I lower the amount to be debt free. No credit card or student loans.

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