EP81 – $350,000 in debt and wanting to buy a house;Best deals on vehicles; Mary Kay side hustle advice

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STACEY – Have $15,000 on a credit card with 19% interest. My goal is to have it paid off in 9 months. I got an offer for a $5,000 balance transfer from a different card at 0% interest. What would you do?

DAVID – What’s your average monthly budget for eating out? Ours is $300 for a family of 4. Working on getting it down.

We are looking to purchase our next vehicle in the next year. Of course we’ll be paying cash. What tips do you have for finding and getting the best deal?

GERRY – Currently struggling a bit. My fiancée and I have about $350,000 worth of debt combined with student loans and vehicle loans. We have decent jobs that we just started ($110,000-120,000 combined annual income) that provide good health insurance. We also pay $1780 a month for rent at the moment. Our car payments are about $550 combined too. We want to buy a house next year but we are afraid that we won’t be able to afford it because the housing market where we live is expensive. ($350,000 for a 3 bedroom house) She’s a doctor of audiology and I’m a lawyer. Do we just ride it out and be patient? She’s pretty stressed and I’m trying to come up with ideas. Cutting out car payments is not an option at the moment. Thanks!

Hi guys! I would like some advice. Do you know of anyone who has pursued being a Mary Kay consultant as their side hustle? I’ve been looking into it but would like some personal testimonies if anyone has them. 

KARO – Hello guys! I live in CA and am thinking of getting my real estate license as a side hustle. I believe the license and test is not very expensive, however I am not sure about yearly fees for MLS, state, etc… what do you guys think is real estate a good side gig?

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