EP48 – Weekly credit reports are now FREE; Covid-19 trace testing scam; Small changes for Earth and your budget

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  • You can now get FREE weekly credit reports from all three credit bureaus of Equifax, Transunion and Experian. We show you how in this important update.
  • There is a very serious COVID-19 trace testing scam going around that could clean out your financial accounts. 
  • Savvy Savings with Amanda discusses the many small changes you can make that are big wins for Earth and your pocketbook
  • Thinking about buying a pet during COVID-19? We have the steps you should take to avoid the scams that are running around when purchasing a pet. Follow our steps for the best experience for you and those amazing animals.
  • Listener Question –  Where should their 14 year old son deposit his $1,000 of money gained from all those birthday cards over time?
  • Listener Question – How do you explain to your friends that anything other than term life insurance is a really bad idea?
  • Listener Question – How do we feel about MLM home businesses. 

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