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SHORT – Top 5 ways hackers steal your passwords and how you can prevent it

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The top 5 most common ways that hackers can steal your passwords gaining access to all of your accounts from banking, investing, shopping, email and social networks. We also talk about ways you can prevent it.

  1. BRUTE FORCE – Short and simple passwords, such as people’s names or words in the dictionary, can be hacked using a brute force attack in less than a second. As long as you use a 16-digit password with letters, numbers, and symbols, this method would take up to 93 trillion years to guess your login information.
  2. KEYLOGGER MALWARE – A keylogger is a dangerous program that records every keystroke entered on an infected device. If you manage to get a keylogger on your computer, every email, web address, and password you type will be recorded and sent over the internet to the hacker who installed it. Detecting keyloggers isn’t difficult as long as you regularly update your antimalware software and scan your computer often
  3. PHISHING SCAMS – Social engineering scams are the favored delivery method for malware, as well as for getting unsuspecting victims to volunteer personal information like login details. Phishing scams often rely on human gullibility and don’t involve any technical components. Frequently remind your staff that no representative of any legitimate company will ask for your password in an email or over the phone.
  4. NETWORK EAVESDROPPING – With modern offices relying on mobility solutions, freelancers and employees have become accustomed to working from home or in the local coffee shop. Unfortunately, many public networks lack basic privacy controls, allowing anyone connected to the same network to read transmitted information in plain text. You can protect company data by forcing employees to connect to the office through a virtual private network (VPN), which ensures everything is encrypted.
  5. SHOULDER SURFING –  Sometimes, it’s the simplest and oldest tricks in the book that work the best. Looking over a victim’s shoulder in a public area is a common way for thieves to glean login information. It’s a ploy that criminals have been using for years to obtain PIN codes at ATMs, but it applies to other situations as well, such as office visitors.

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