EP138 – Sell your house and live RV?; Couple sells all – bets on Bitcoin; Do you need health insurance

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I’m debating selling my house and using the proceeds to pay everything off and get a RV until retirement. Thoughts?

If an emergency expense comes up, is it better to eat into my emergency fund, or to adjust my 401k upcoming scheduled contribution down just enough to cover the amount needed.  This is a vet bill.

Because you can withdraw Roth IRA contributions anytime without penalties, would there be a disadvantage to housing my 3-6 month emergency fund here?

Do I pay off my rental property that has a lower balance than my personal property first? Rental property balance is $215k, personal property is $414k.  Both have about same interest rate.  Thanks for any tips.

Quick question, how are people managing health coverage when they retire before their retirement age? Do you buy private insurance or you just go on without it until you reach the age to get Medicare?

I have a question what is a reliable used car that I can buy since I am debt free?

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