EP117 – What to do with your stimulus check; Difference between SPY and VTSAX; How to maintain the value of your vehicle

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Very basic question but I’m just getting started in investing!  What is the difference in VTSAX and SPY and why is one better than the other?  I know VTSAX has a .04 expense ratio. Does SPY have any “expense”?  I am planning to hold this for my retirement (40 years from now).  Thank you!

I don’t have a car. With the next stimulus check, should I buy a car or pay down my debt. I’d only have $1,470 left of debt after that.

Need Help. I have my eye on a house. The price had dropped a lot due to high HOA fee ($725/month YIKES! I KNOW). But the house is so cheap because it’s been on the market for 6 months, due to to high the HOA fee. I can get a 10 year mortgage & pay it off in 7 years. But I’ll be stuck with that HOA. Is the house worth buying?

What is the best way to maintain your value in vehicles? Do you regularly save and trade-in/sell to stay close to a value range? Or, do you “ride it til it dies” and squeeze all the value out you can?

I’m looking to save money on groceries. What are your go to money saving tricks? Any extreme couponing advice or resources would be great!

I have my emergency fund. I have my 6 months of living expenses.  Now what I am lacking is the will power to stop buying stuff I don’t need. I have a problem, an addiction to shopping. It’s cash not cc but nonetheless I could be doing so much more with the money I spend on meaningless stuff.

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