These are the best times of the year to buy a new or used vehicle

Selecting a make and model of the car is important, but not many other factors come into play to get the best deal. Vehicle market is overstocked right now for various reasons: Vehicles are more reliable; Vehicles last much longer than in previous decades; Personal debt is rising – can’t afford large purchases.

Set a realistic budget and know what you can truly afford. Include all costs such as insurance and the cost of ownership – fuel, tires, maintenance schedule, reliability.

  • Best times to get a low price on a vehicle:
    • Early in the beginning of the year is the best time to shop for a car
    • Clearing out previous year inventory for new models
    • March is a great time for a good deal on Japanese and Korean vehicles as thats when their fiscal year ends. Toyota, Honda, Kia. Competitors then lower their prices to compete. Win win.
    • Beginning of the year or major holidays are the best times making Christmas/New Years the best time to purchase a vehicle. Black Friday is also a great time.
    • If you can’t buy your vehicle during the end of year holidays at least wait until the end of a month when sales associates are trying to meet or win quota contests in a dealership. 
    • Speaking of dealerships they also have quarterly and annual quotas which makes Christmas and end of year one of the absolute best times to buy a new or used vehicle.
    • Three key times for purchasing a vehicle are March, August and November/December with the final purchase at the end of those months.

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