11 ways to save and stretch that clothing budget

Americans spend an average of $1,700 per year on clothing and accessories. But there are plenty of ways to trim the bill and still look good. This podcast will show you how.

  1. Sell what you don’t wear – If you haven’t worn it in a year, you likely aren’t going to.  Start the year with your hangers going one direction.  Turn the hanger when you wear an item.  At the end of the year, the hangers will tell you what you haven’t worn
    • ThredUp
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Mercari
  2. Shop thrift stores
    • TJMaxx, Ross (check for imperfections – seams, holes, misalignments, stains)
    • Goodwill, Salvation Army, Local thrift stores (watch for bargain days)
  3. Check the tag before you buy – dry cleaning will increase your cost of ownership exponentially
  4. Take care of your clothes – follow the care instructions
    • Don’t wash more than necessary – it breaks down the fibers.  Outer layers can go a number of wears without washing.  
    • Iron on lowest setting to prevent wear on the fibers
    • Hang dry if possible
  5. Buy out of season, clearance racks (but don’t buy just because it’s on sale!)
  6. Skip expensive workout clothing (exception – get a quality sports bra ladies!)
  7. Buy inexpensive basics like t-shirts from discount stores
  8. Don’t finance your underwear!
  9. Swap with friends
  10. Borrow or rent one-time use (RentTheRunway)
  11. Mend your clothes to extend the wear

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