7 great ways you can save on prescription medications

So you head to the store with your insurance card assuming you are getting the best price for your prescription drugs. Not necessarily. Because of a variety of factors including high deductibles, co-pays, the medication brand, or even the store itself could be costing you without realizing it.

We have 7 great ideas you should consider which could potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your prescription medications. Some of our tips are incredibly simple!

  1. Go to a big box store instead of a small pharmacy – Many pharmacies in grocery stores and big-box chains offer hundreds of generic medications for just $4 (for a 30-day supply) or $10 (for a 90-day supply). Ask for the list when you’re at the pharmacy or look it up on the Internet, and bring a copy to your doctor. 
  2. Try generic – For example, the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor retails for about $390 for a 30-day supply. The generic version, atorvastatin, is about $10 for a 30-day supply.
  3. Get a bigger dose – Some prescription medications can be divided with a pill splitter. WARNING: As a general rule, extended-release or slow-release medications should not be split.  Talk to your doctor first!
  4. Get a larger supply – Instead of getting a prescription that lasts for 30 days, and making an insurance copay each time, ask for a 90-day supply so you can make just one copay every three months.
  5. Does your insurance offer mail order? – Often at substantial savings and again, only one co-pay
  6. Apply for assistance – There are many kinds of prescription assistance programs, offered by state and local governments, Medicare, nonprofit groups, and even drug makers. The programs typically have income requirements. Nonprofit organizations include: Needy Meds and Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Other resources include state assistance programs. Another option is to call the manufacturer of your medication directly.
  7. Shop around – Call pharmacies in your area to compare prices, or use a computer or smartphone app to do the work for you, such as WeRx or GoodRx.

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