EP62 – Talking about your 401Ks, company match, Roth conversions and more; National brands makes Costco Kirkland products

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Episode 62: We answer many of your social media questions as we continue to let our listeners take over the podcast over the Summer. We also go over a list of national brand items that actually make Costco Kirkland products from coffee, diapers, batteries, jelly beans, tuna, scotch, whiskey, foil, and more!

Welcome rock stars! From Washington DC this is the Rock on the Money podcast Episode 62. Time to talk about saving, investing, and protecting those hard-earned monies. We’re here to coach you along your path to retirement and financial independence.

Hosted by Craig, your Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach along with Amanda, a corporate in house lawyer and real estate agent and we are so grateful you’ve joined us. Call us with your questions or comments by calling 989-888-ROCK. Check us out on Facebook @rockonthemoney and our website

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