EP59 – 7 More ways to be a savvy shopper; Are you being Dave Ramsey’ish; How to start a business

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What a great podcast this was hitting on many topics on how to save, invest and protect your hard earned monies. On this podcast we have:

  • 7 more ways to be a savvy shopper – Recognizing the sales pitches, all the costs associated with a purchase, asking for a better price and more. 
  • Social media question – “Hello Craig and Amanda, I have some questions about starting a lawn service business and I’m looking for any tips or advice you might have. I’m 21 and I have no experience or family history of owning/operating a business. I mowed a fair amount of lawns and made some cash from it when I was in high school and I have a decent amount of experience maintaining a golf course (mowing rough/greens/fairways, edging/weed eating fence lines, trimming trees, raking bunkers as well as mowing with different types of machines). I’m more so concerned about what I don’t know. Should I start with learning about accounting or take some other classes that might help with the operations aspect of it? Are there any book recommendations you have? Like I said, I’m starting from zero with this and I’m willing to fail to learn, I’m just not exactly sure how/where to set the foundation. Thank you all for any input.”
  • Social Media Question – “When investing in my 401K is it better to contribute to one mutual fund until I hit a certain amount or should I rotate what I invest in each month, to achieve a more balance portfolio?”
  • Social Media Question – “Amanda, I’m thinking about getting my real estate license. Classes will cost $1K. Any other upfront costs after that? Any other tips for a newbie real estate agent?”

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