EP38 – 0% vehicle financing is a trap; Stop using 401K withdrawals to invest in the market; Depression era tips to save money

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Don’t touch your 401K to invest in the stock market, we revisit why 0% vehicle financing is a terrible idea, we read your social comments about what your covid-19 concerns are and so much more.

  • Listener question from Lacy who has a friend that wants to take money out of her 401K to then buy stocks in the market. We’ll give you our thoughts.
  • Revisiting the 0% vehicle for 84 months financing and leasing commercials on TV reading the responses from our own Facebook group who are for and against this idea. By the way … we hate it.
  • Social media question – What is your biggest financial concern right now during covid-19 – we’ll read your responses.
  • Savvy Savings – Depression Era Tips that Save Money

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