EP176 – Walmart Spark as a side gig; Best time to max retirement accounts; Fastest way to pay off a mortgage!

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Great podcast this week! Many of you are looking for a side gig so we went out and joined Walmart Spark to see what it is like and how much money you can make per day! We also had questions sent into us this week with a common theme around the rising cost of living, looming inflation, gas prices, housing markets, stock market and more. We have received so many positive comments about these episodes. If you have a question for us please email to

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Is it better to max out Roth deposits in the beginning of the year.  If I plan to invest 1,200 into the market every month,  put all of it in the Roth until I reach 6,000 then put all of it in individual accounts.  Invest into both individual and Roth accounts and max out Roth in December? Or does it not matter and I am overthinking.

What are the quickest ways to pay off a mortgage?

Found out today that we could sell our home and with our equity could pay off ALL of our debt and still have almost $100, 000 to put down on a smaller home. We will obviously  make our own decision for our family but I’m curious, would you do it if you were in our position?

So anyone debt free have a hard time spending $$. We just don’t know what retirement will look like so we just keep saving. Do you have a hard time getting out of the beans and rice mentality? We give more to things but we are personally still not spending on ourselves.

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