EP163 – Buying physical gold a good idea?; How to invest while late to the game; How to determine your home’s real value

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We have a great lineup of your social media questions. We have received so many positive comments about these episodes. If you have a question for us please email to

We begin with a little financial talk on what the Island Boys should be doing with their new-found fame money before the flame runs out. We then get into your questions and comments!

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How do I learn about buying gold?  Is it possible to move part of my 401k into gold?  Thanks!

I am new to investing and have set up an Investment account and Roth IRA with Fidelity and maxed contribution for 2021. I have QQQ/VOO and SCHD. (Majority VOO) Should I leave it mixed like that or one of the 3? Second, for 2022 contributions shall I follow the same path as 2021 or is it ok to start a dividend portfolio of stocks? I’m late to the game. And I want to make the most of my money. Thank you both. Tommy

Pros and cons of holding investments with a handful of varying accounts vs all investments in one account.  Ex: Fidelity, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch or in 1 single location.

Thanks in advance! Cheers

I want to learn how to determine real estate value/comps on my own, without an agent. Are there any good resources you can point me towards to learn the finer details beyond generic advice like ‘just find comparable properties’?

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