EP152 – Money advice for the Island Boys; Selling t-shirts online as a side gig; What to do about raising mortgage interest rates

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We begin with a little financial talk on what the Island Boys should be doing with their new-found fame money before the flame runs out. We then get into your questions and comments!

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The fed says they will be raising rates 3 times next year! What does this mean for someone hoping to build a house spring of ‘23? Are mortgage rates gonna skyrocket now?


Wife’s 401K will have an option to do after tax contributions for 2022. We already max out $26,000 into it. Is it worth contributing into the after tax portion?


I’m starting late in the game for retirement savings and don’t see how I’ll hit millionaire status by retirement age. Is the intent to become a millionaire solely from retirement funds in your account?


Hello everyone! So I recently started an online store with the teespring website. This is my first ever attempt at starting an online business. I’m 24 years old and currently in college. If someone can give me some tips or advice on how to make it successful, I would be greatly appreciative.

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