EP145 – How to avoid the Squid Game; Why 15 year mortgages are better than 30 year; How to do your own taxes

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Why do you recommend 15 year mortgages over 30 when it seems like you would pay down the 30 year mortgage faster because you can pay more to principle? I’m thinking about this from a standpoint of having extra money every month to put towards the loan not just the minimum. I’m by no means a math guru which might be why I don’t understand this.


I’d like to learn how to do my own income tax returns via the free online forms, but I have per diem, uniform, union dues, etc. Any recommendations on cheap or free classes or videos?


I have switched jobs! My new employer does not have 401 k. Should I let my old 401 sit where it is or is there another place to switch to! I understand I have to open an IRA. Which firms are the best for IRAs? Scared to make a move


I was explaining to my brother the benefits of contributing to a ROTH IRA to save yourself the taxes on all the growth in the future. He says that this is illogical because it means paying taxes now when the dollar is valued higher than it will in the future come retirement time. Any thoughts?

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