EP120 – Using IRA for new house down payment; Can you make money with Door Dash; How to zero your credit score

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If I’m saving for my first house down payment should I use a Roth IRA??

I just opened a Roth IRA with Fidelity and put $1000 down. Where should put my money to invest inside that account, which mutual funds or index funds? In which mutual funds do you guys have your investments

What are some ways of instilling “Gazelle Intensity” in an 18 year old who doesn’t feel the pain of their own debt yet?

Has anyone ever used Car Shield or Endurance (car maintenance/repair insurance) and do you feel like it saves money in the long run?

For those of you that have done DoorDash, I’m thinking about doing it to earn some extra cash as I save up for my masters degree. What are some pros and cons of doing that?

How long does it take after canceling credit cards to get rid of your credit score?

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