3 simple signs you are dealing with a COVID-19 Scammer

What we know about COVID-19 changes every week. And right now, the scammers are shifting their focus to the economic impact payments, among other things, to find new ways to get your money or information. But here are some things that remain true:

  • Scammers are peddling cures and treatments with no proof they work. Remember: right now, there is nothing that has been proven to prevent COVID-19.
  • Anyone who tells you to pay them by gift card, money transfer, cash, or Bitcoin is a scammer. Period. And, if they say they’re from the government, they’re not.
  • Never give your Social Security, bank account, or credit card number to anyone who contacts you. Again, not even if they say they’re from the government.

If you remember those three things, and share them in your community, we can cut scammers’ success rates.

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