Savvy Savings 3 – Top 6 ways to reduce your water bill to save $300

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The top 6 ways on how to reduce your water bill by $25 a month to obtain an annual savings of nearly $300.

TRANSCRIPTION: If you reduced your bill just $25 a month, which I think is completely achievable that would save you $300 a year. So a couple of quick tips for you. First of all, you can install low flow toilets and what I’ve learned because we did recently did a renovation is that a number of counties actually would give you a rebate on your water bill or or have other incentives to swap out your old.

My grandmother used to add bricks to the toilet tank so anything you put in there that’ll take up space for the water will save you some water there as well.

So the next tip is you can add aerators to your faucet you can pick those up at your local hardware store and that can save you 17 to 27 gallons per day. You just attach it install them into your faucet and they infuse the water stream with some air and then it also builds up the pressure a little bit a lot of water a day it is a lot.

The next tip you can take shorter showers we know they have limits to what I’m gonna do here it saves two and a half gallons per minute so just one I would save you two and a half gallons and also incidentally we’ll talk about this in a one of our future Savvy Savings segment the shorter showers saves on your energy bill for your water heater, well.

Another tip you can use your dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes dishwashers use an average of six gallons whereas hand hand washing uses two gallons per minute so if it’s taking you more than three minutes to wash your dishes you’re wasting water.

Another tip is to run your dishwasher and you’re washing machine when the loads are full to help reduce the number of load that you need to use water for. So no half half-filled racks.

So then the next tip don’t let the and I think most people have heard this one before. I’m not this isn’t breaking news or anything, but don’t let the water run while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving. Now, so that’s it.

Anyway, you have any ideas on how to save on your water bill Craig? No. No. No. No, you sorry in any of these. Ideas I’m with you I’m just gonna throw it out there I think the water bill would be would greatly depend on your location geographically where you are in the United States like if you’re in Florida, I think you’re using a lot more water than I am in the mid Atlantic.

Why would you say that? We don’t have to water our lawn in the wintertime. Oh, yeah. I don’t want our minds. Yeah just out. Oh the other thing ran across today. So speaking of Florida where we have pools year-round you want to put like a solar cover on your pool because you lose a lot of water to evaporation.

Nice. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s it. Yeah. I was shocked about the aerators 17 to 27 gallons per day. Yeah, I’m not taking a shorter showers next to coffee that’s a necessity to start my day. Well, maybe you’re already taking an efficient shower, we don’t know. Oh, I am efficient.

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