EP87 – How to pick your 401k funds correctly; Start a side hustle; Converting existing 401k money to a Roth; How to safely park your new home down payment

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Sandra – So my company’s 401k option just moved from Wells Fargo to fidelity. Investing is still not my strong suit. If I’m following Ramsey’s advice it’s 25% into growth, growth and income, aggressive growth, and international. Which ones do I pick or do I keep it in a blended?

Daniel – Is it easier to get out of debt or stay out of debt.

Kathy – I’m looking to increase my income. What are some side hustle businesses you can start under $5,000?

This group has shown me the benefit of roth over traditional. But my question is this, do I mess with converting what I already have over to roth, or just make all future contributions roth?

I have a couple hundred dollars a month to invest for a mid-term-ish goal… it’s for a house down payment. I will not be ready for at least 3 years but quite possibly up to 6,7,8 years. Given my undetermined time frame, I’m not sure where to park it. I was going to use an online savings account but with rates so low, it feels pointless.

Noob who needs help please! I’m about to come into some money and it will be in a Vanguard account. I want to try investing a small portion (1-5k) in something a little aggressive that I can add to the savings (will be used for college funds for my children). Where do I start? What’s a good book or article (s) I can read so I understand the lingo and what everything means.

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