EP73 – College graduate child can’t find a job; Pay off car now or over next 9 months; What does investing in real estate really mean?

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Does “investing in real estate” just mean becoming a landlord? So buy a house and rent it out? Or are their other ways to invest in real estate?

Is it wise to drain your savings to pay off a car now instead of attacking it aggressively for the next nine months to pay it off?

My truck is $8,000 and I found one for $2,500 with more miles but higher capacity for the workload I plan to do with a truck. How do I get out of my $8,000 truck payments legally and without messing up my credit so I can downgrade to a more powerful and cheaper option?

Anyone out there have experience with a college graduate child that can’t find a job right now. It’s hard to tell if he is seriously looking (via indeed) or being too picky. I know the economy sucks right now and maybe there aren’t any good jobs but I don’t want him to just continue sitting around and do nothing. I’m still paying for all room, board, food and now health insurance. Problem is he doesn’t really want or desire for anything so he doesn’t care about money. I just don’t know if I’m being fair given the economy, pandemic and him just graduated. Thoughts?

Which mutual funds do you recommend?

How can I buy stocks without a stockbroker? Please let me know what’s the best app I could use with fair rates?

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