EP150 – Crazy strategies to paying off your mortgage faster; Should you own a backup car; How to invest $10,000 today!

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From Lacy – Am I crazy or is it consistent with what you know that high yield savings accounts I heard about Paying off the house early but with a different strategy.  Basically opening a brokerage account and putting extra money into that and then when the fund grows large enough to pay off the house to use it on that.  Can anyone go over the pros and cons of this strategy as opposed to Paying down the mortgage directly?


Do you guys have a “back up” car in case you need it? My husband and I have three cars (all paid off) and I’m trying to convince him to sell one and he’s afraid to in case we might need it. We are debt free and rebuilding our emergency fund. But I just feel like we don’t need it and can get a good amount of cash for our third car with the shortage.


I am seeking advice. Should I be exploring the possibility of buying a newer car with low miles or drive my 2012 Malibu with 110k miles.  My car is well maintained . No issues.i am driving 240 miles of interstate once a month to check on my mom. I bought my Malibu new and I have been the only driver. No accidents


I have $10k to invest. But I can’t decide if I should open a brokerage account or a cash management account with Fidelity. If brokerage, what funds should I invest in. Be kind with your comments. I am new into investing.

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