EP136 – Are Beach Condos a Good Investment?; Should you have pet insurance; Amanda purchased an RV

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Hi guys. I’m considering purchasing a beach condo as an investment. Is it worth it?

o I’ve been saving for a new-to-me vehicle. I was waiting for the right one to come along. Then came these skyrocketing used car prices. Insane. A local search on showed a 2018 Toyota RAV4 XLE with just over 50,000 miles that is priced about $400 higher than a brand new 2021 Toyota RAV4 XLE. What in the world. Thoughts? Note: I’m in no big rush, thankfully, but I wonder when this will return to normal with used car prices making sense again.

I have $1,292.00 on my credit card. Should I take the money out of my savings to pay this in full or put $ 100.00 a week towards it?

We’ll be purchasing a new home in under 2 years and am wondering if we should sell or rent our current home and what are the negatives of each decision?

if you are an “everyday millionaire” should you have pet insurance for 2 dogs?

Is the ‘Everyday Millionaire’ status based on net worth (including mortgaged property value) or strictly investment value/paid off properties value? We just crossed the $500,000 mark, but that’s with our home value. Just trying to figure out how long until true ‘Everyday Millionaire’ status. I sure hope the second half goes faster!

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