EP135 – Will inflation tank your 401K; When to change funds in your IRA; How to research funds for your IRA

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So I’m looking at my IRA and considering switching to different funds. I’m only making a 4+% return so far this year. Annualized has returned on average 11% but my funds don’t seem to be performing well. Should I switch or just keep funding and assume things will pan out and ill finish 8+ or higher % wise. Anyone with IRA showing same kind of trends this year?

I have a 401k at work and now can open Roth should I and if I do how much do I put in each one of them. Company will match up to 6%

Are you changing your investment strategy with inflation now in play for at least the next 6-12 months?

My Roth 401k is currently set to 90% stocks and 10% bonds. With the lower rate of growth and inflation eating at the growth of the bonds, should I even bother with that 10% or make it 100% stocks and 0% bonds?

When you have a Roth IRA, do you continue buying more shares of the same mutual funds or do you research others to buy?

So many people are putting pressure on me to buy a home right now and that if I don’t prices are just going to go higher and higher and I’ll regret it if I wait a year to do so, I only have 30k to put down and some are saying to at least use it to buy a condo so that way I can pay something off while I save for a home instead of just paying rent. I’m super torn. Advice?

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