EP134 – Using your home equity to pay off your home; How to invest during rising inflation; Using your IRA to pay off debt

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Is it a good idea to pay off my house with the equity ? Thanks for the advice!

With there not being a tax penalty for cashing in a Roth/IRA, should you leave it or cash it out when you would need to pay off a debt or student loan

I am concerned about inflation. How can we protect our cash from major devaluation?

I am new to understanding money and looking for advice. The only debt I have are my student loans in which I am under income driven payments; however, I’ve been making high payments. In which I was able to lower it by 3% in 2020. I’m looking to buy a house. Should I still put all my extra money into the debt or keep aside and save? I appreciate any information

I know the answer to this, but it seems like bad timing. I have a 401K rollover to an IRA in excess of $400k. Why am I so hesitant to put it all in at one time? I know time in the market beats timing the market…. but!!

When figuring net worth, I know that assets minus liabilities equals net worth and which items we typically include. However, if you want to get really technical, the personal belongings we own in our houses should count as well. Does anyone include personal belongings in their net worth, and if so, how do you come up with a figure?  (Tv’s, furniture, garden tools in the shed, etc).

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