EP114 – How to know you are house poor; 7 ways to reduce your refinancing costs

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I got out of debt in 2020 and am celebrating because IT IS POSSIBLE with some determination and hard work. Stick to it, friends! But also, I need some advise. When I was working on my taxes, the site said that I overpaid on my ROTH by $186. *Whoot whoot* for maxing out, but what do I do with the +$186?! The website I used suggested withdrawing it or paying a penalty. Seems like there’s bound to be a better option. Thoughts?

I’m going to transfer my traditional IRA that’s sitting in my credit union to fidelity. Do I transfer to another traditional rollover IRA or something else.

How is it too much home for my income?  I thought the rule was keep your house payment at the same or less as one paycheck?

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