EP113 – What are your returns so far this year?; Where to save for a new car; How to make money online

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I am new to the group. I am inspired by your posts. I am on BS 4. My Employer matches up to 6%. Right now I have 10% towards traditional 401k and 5% to Roth IRA. I am wondering if my percentage allocation is right. I understand the advantage of the Roth at withdrawal but I also need the tax advantage of the traditional 401k right now.

Where do *you* personally save for a car? We are content with our vehicles but still “pay ourselves” a monthly car payment. The money currently lands in a money market account with our credit union. Should we invest our “car payments” or just keep them in the money market account. We generally keep our cars for about 5 years, which means our saving cycle is on the edge of the “5 year tipping point” decision between saving and investing.

How to make money online?

What’s you guys ytd returns looking like? Just want to know if I am even close to matching up.

When buying a home should I factor property tax and homeowners insurance into the 25% of income equation? Or should they be counted separately.

My husband wants to sell our house and use the profit to start a business while we rent an apartment. What are your thoughts?

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