EP110 – How do you fix stupid?; Broke 19 year old trying to fit in; Why the Snowball Method works; Schwab slices a good idea for investing?

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How do you try to overcome stupid in others lives!? I just want to fix it before it’s as as much as burden as it was in my life!

Hey everyone, so I am 19 and have a truck loan ($13k remaining) and being young and trying to “fit in” with the crowd, I make spontaneous purchases to try and make my truck look better. Long story short I just bought wheels and tires and now I don’t know how i can afford all of my monthly bills and I need advice. My grandmother is in here and has been telling me about everything I need to change and I listen but I don’t at the same time. Should I sell the truck and find something cheaper and invest some as well? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

I am an extremely rationale person. Therefore, I have really difficulties to believe/ understand the snowball concept instead of rationally attacking highest interest loans first. So why should I?

Any advice for good used cars? I want to start my snowball but im scared.

I just recieved an email from my 401k provider that stated any employee making 130k+ gross income is considered an HCE (highly compensated employee), therefore they were reducing my 401k limits to only allowing me to contribute 4% in my 401k? Is this legal, has anyone else seen this? 


I listen to your podcast. I recently signed up at Schwab. I know you both don’t recommend individual stocks. However, at Schwab they have a piece of the pie option if you will, where you can buy a part of a share of bigger companies as low as $5. Your thoughts?  

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