EP109 – Are U.S. EE Savings Bonds a good idea for kids?; Company match and your 401K contribution amount; How to calculate your net worth

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So We are almost done with BS 2 and will have a fully funded EF in about 6 months. After the EF is funded I have a traditional 401k plan at work that matches 5% should I just put the 5% in that to get the match?  Was thinking about opening a Roth IRA do I put 10% of my net pay into that?  And  if I max it out do I just increase my traditional through work? 

New to the group and have a question…I took out a 401k loan a while back to get my house (mistake I know 😂) but since It’s already been done let me ask, is this considered debt in the snowball? It’s paid back with interest into my own account through payroll deduction. 

Do you include the value of your home equity in your millionaire status tally?

Just curious, what do we think of savings bonds? I have a friend that said it is a great investment for kids. My daughter is 3, so I think it could be a little nest egg for her when she turns 33. I also do have a savings account for her that I established about 2 years ago.

Does my 15% include employer match or just my portion?

When a Roth 403b is rolled over to a Roth IRA, are there still RMDs? My company has great mutual funds and I would like to contribute the full 15% to my Roth 403b but I worry about RMDs.  Thanks for the advice.

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